預約試吃 - 送餐到府

預約試吃 - 送餐到府
Fresh Postpartum Meal Sampling Home Delivery

預約試吃 - 送餐到府 (Postpartum Meal Sampling Home Delivery)
我同意風險和免責確認書 & 肖像權使用聲明

本人(免責方)代表我自己和我的繼承人、執行人、管理人及受讓人,在此免除追訴並永久放棄對Comtion corp、 僱員、代理人、贊助商和他們的代表、他們的繼承人、管理人員、和執行人員(被免責方),由於本人參加活動或活動相關的活動引起、產生、或發生的任何人身傷害或已知或未知的人身傷害、死亡和/或財產損失而導致的任何及所有索賠、要求、訴訟或訴訟權利、或法律上產生的任何種類或性質的賠賞與權益。免責書也免除主辦單位因疏忽行為或未採取行動而造成的損害。


I as RELEASOR, hereby, agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless all persons, as RELEASEE, including all officers, agents, sponsors, employees, volunteer assistants, other contestants, visitors, or persons who may be present, from any cause of action, claims, or demands whatsoever. This agreement is binding even if the released persons have contributed to my injuries through their individual or collective negligence. This agreement is binding on myself, my heirs, next of kin, assigns, and personal representatives.